Three Projects This Week

I had a productive week this week–completed three projects in my studio, even though I spent way too much time binge watching season four of Unreal.   You can skip season four of Unreal by the way, even if you are a big fan like me. They really should have stopped after three.  And I should have known since it was one of those reduced-to-just-eight-episodes seasons. The first … Continue reading Three Projects This Week

A Brief History of Paper Moons

At the end of nearly every school year, someone cleans out a classroom closet and leaves a box of books on the table in the faculty room. Take whatever you want. Typically, they are pretty slim picking. There’s really no use, beyond collage, for old textbooks anymore.  But this year I found a copy of Hal Morgan and Andreas Brown’s book on early real photo post … Continue reading A Brief History of Paper Moons

Meet Floyd the Linoleum Cut Print Cat

 This is the third day of summer break and the first day I’ve produced satisfactory prints.  I confess that yesterday, I spent the morning carving an image into a linoleum block only to realized after making my first print that you have to reverse the text or the type on your prints will come out backwards. So back to the drawing board. This morning, I … Continue reading Meet Floyd the Linoleum Cut Print Cat