Some Work From My Studio

Since retirement I’ve been making books in my studio hoping to reach 150 in time for the holiday craft shows at the end of this year. It looks like I’ll end up with over 200 and that I may be taking some to a show in June.

These are all handmade with covers from one of three sources. The marbles paper and the printed papers I made myself. The cloth bindings are book cloth that I made from fabric scraps I find at thrift stores. The one that look like paintings are paintings, also bought at thrift stores and then cut into book covers. I do a lot of upcycling as they say.

I usually make traditional flat back bindings, but I’ve included a set of open spine bindings made using a Coptic stitch. They take a lot longer to make, it turns out, so there are not as many of them.

I’m still figuring out the prices but I’m very pleased with the results so far.