Art in the Mail for August

Here is some of the artwork I got in the mail lately. I’ve been exchanging mail art with people all over the world for over 15 years now through the International Union of Mail Artists. Most things are postcard size, though some people, myself included, are determined to push the postal service to its limit.

I hope you enjoy this selection of mail art. If you’d like to receive some mail art from me, send me your snail mail address in a comment or via email.

From Lynne in Eureka, Ca. Lynne says the bottom right is self-portrait. She then went on to imagine herself with different styles of facial hair.
Another card from Lynne. This time a portrait of her old Keens.
A print from the fictional Republique du Coeur by Thom in Vermont. Thom also makes stamps from the Republique du Coeur.
Andy Warhol inspired work by Maxima Strange in Ohio

Fun with stamps also by Maxima Strange.
A mixed media collage from Fraya in Nova Scotia, Canada.
More fun with stamps. This one from Pam in Massachusetts.

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