In the mailbox this month

Watercolor by Michael Dillon

Since moving to Grass Valley last May, I’ve been sending address updates to mail artists I’ve known through the years, and to a few new members at the International Union of Mail Artists.  I’ve gotten quite a few pieces of mail art in return.  So, I thought I’d share some of them here.  

It’s taking much longer than I hoped, but I have a studio space in the new garage at last.  I’ve been working on a “big” concept piece, a series of linocut prints, that should be ready to go out in the mail in a couple of weeks. Linocut prints are dangerous things to make, it turns out.  You have to carve the image into a block of linoleum with hand held tools, tool in one hand, linoleum block in the other. Slip up and you end up jabbing your hand.

I rarely escape time in the studio uninjured these days, but I am getting better. 

Mixed media collage from Mother Brando
Satire of American Gothic by Mike Parsons of Iowa

Four altered stamps by Hale Stamp Company of Virginia

 I completed a batch of postcards and mini-books that are ready to go out in the mail.  If you’d like to receive some mail art of your own, leave your snail mail address in a comment or send it to me via email at  Please put “Mail Art Request” in the subject line.