Bought but Still Haven’t Read: January


I’m not sure if this is meme worthy, or if it’s a reading challenge thing, do people still do those, but I was looking at my stack of unread books for the year and thought posting a picture of them might be fun.

I keep all of the books I acquire in a stack next to my good reading chair.  At the end of the year I move them to one of two shelves down in the basement if I haven’t read them yet and start a new stack.  Last year I took nineteen books down to the basement, and gave four to the Friends of the Library book sale.  Not too, bad.

So here we are near the end of January and I have five books in my stack.  Honestly, there are three that I am still likely to read:

  • The Sorrows of War by Bao Ninh.  This is in translation from the Vietnamese.  It tells a story of the Vietnam war from a North Vietnamese perspective.
  • Monte Walsh by Jack Schaefer who also wrote Shane. This was given to me by a colleague at work who is also a fan of westerns.
  • The Bottom of the Sky by Roderigo Fresan. Science fiction translated from the Spanish by Will Vanderbyden.

So, I guess I still remain committed enough to westerns, science fiction and literature in translation to keep buying the stuff.  It remains to be seen how much of it I actually read, I guess.

How is your TBR stack going so far this year?

3 thoughts on “Bought but Still Haven’t Read: January

  1. I just joined this down the tbr hole challenge to cut down some books from my TBR. In all honesty, my list of 200 seems hopeless haha. Good luck with westerns. I do love a good western

  2. I’m trying to make more of a dent in the TBR. I have read nearly all the books I got for Christmas this year, so that’s a good start. There were a couple that fell into the “Nope, not gonna finish this one” category, so that sped things along a bit.

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