Jane Austen Read All A-long Book Two. Did YOU P&P?

addtext_com_MTQyNjA2NDA2MTMyThis has been a big month for Jane Austen fans, Austen in August and all.  It was month two/book two for the Jane Austen Read All A-long.  I finished Pride and Prejucdice earlier this week–loved it again.  I think of the six books, this is the one I will be keeping around to reread in retirement.

I could have nearly called this a Re-read All A-Long but for Northanger Abbey which I’ve never read.

My thanks to all my fellow Janeites posting reviews this month:

  • Writerrea who admired the plotting this time around. “There are no stray characters, no deus ex machina–every person and plot point are there for a reason, and believably so.”
  • Judith Harper at Reader in the Wilderness who has certainly done her bit to publicize the Jane Austen Read All A-Long.
  • Tracy K at Bitter Tea and Mystery who enjoys seeing what life was like back in the day via people who actually wrote about it back in the day.
  • Amy at New Century Reading includes a recipe from the time period for pickled salmon.
  • Brona sent along a link to her archived post on reading Pride and Prejudice in times of trouble.
  • Dale at Mirrors with Clouds posts his reaction to reading Pride and Prejudice for the very first time.

If I missed your review, or if you just have an old review of Pride and Prejudice somewhere in your archive, please feel free to post a link in the comments. I’ll add it to the list above.

Next month we enter the treacherous waters of Mansfield Park.  


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