Bookstore Victory! Hannah Arendt, I Found You at Last

It took a while, but last night I finally found a print copy of Hannah Arendt’s book Origins of Totalitarianism.

On the way home from work, I stopped at the best taqueria in town to buy a burrito.  (Yes, the best taqueria in Novato where I work is on a corner, though it’s not a “taco-truck” but an actual store.) Before entering, I popped into Copperfield’s Books which is just across the street.

“Do you have Hannah Arendt’s, Origins of Totalitarianism?”

Yes.” Clerk reaches over to the bookcase next to the register and grabs a copy which she hands to me.  I look it over, noting the price, how small the print is and the picture on the cover.

“Too bad there’s not an edition without Nazi’s on the cover?”

“I know, right.”

The burrito was excellent, by the way.  Carne asada with the works.

4 thoughts on “Bookstore Victory! Hannah Arendt, I Found You at Last

  1. James,
    I was concerned about your problem and left a longish comment for you, but something went wrong when I tried to post it and I lost it and I was too lazy to rewrite, so I can say now that I’m so glad you’ve found a copy. I’ve just been reading in the February 15, 2017, edition of Library Journal, about bookstores and libraries stocking up and rebuilding their collections along these lines, since the election.
    I hate to say that “totalitarianism” and “fascism” is a “trend” in publishing, but there it is. Every day brings a new chill.
    I must say that I was surprised how my reading of Helen Dunmore’s The Betrayal, which I blogged about in a recent post, was colored by the times we’re living in now.

    1. Sorry you lost your first reply. I’ve taken to copying longer replies before I push the post comment button just in case. And I agree with your comments above. I read the transcript of yesterdays press conference with disbelief. How did the party of Reagan come to this. I was no fan of Reagan by the way, I’m still no fan, but there used to be a certain standard.

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