On Charlotte Bronte’s 200th Birthday – A Charlotte Trivia Game

imageToday is Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday, so I ordered a cake.

I’m in charge of the birthday celebration for April at work this year, which is lucky for everyone.  In addition to the cake I’ve set up a trivia contest for the staff.  They will be able to enter their answers for a chance to win a five dollar gift card to Peet’s Coffee, left over from my Christmas haul, I don’t really like Peet’s.  I’ve no prize for you, dear readers, but I thought you might enjoy the Charlotte Trivia contest anyway.

Feel free to write your answers/guesses in the comments section, but please only post an answer to one so other people can play.

And feel free to pass the questions along to others if you like.  The more people celebrating Charlotte Bronte the better, I always say.

Charlotte Bronte’s Birthday Trivia

(Be sure to answer in the form of a question. No wiki-peeking please.)

  1. This North Carolina town is also the state capital.
  2. Robert Smith led this band whose hit songs Charlotte Sometimes, The Boy with a Thorn in His Side and Friday, I’m in Love may be just the thing for what ails you.
  3. Broadway star Charlotte Rae became a famous for her portrayal of Mrs. Garrett on this 1980’s television sitcom dedicated to the truth about life in a girl’s boarding school.
  4. Charlotte York, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbs and Carrie Bradshaw were all characters on this television show about four single women in New York.
  5. This Canadian Island once named after the wife of King George III of England was renamed Haida Gawaii in 2009.
  6. Charlotte Gilman Perkins is best known for her short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” and her 1915 satirical novel about a land ruled by women.
  7. Charlotte Corday became infamous when she assassinated Jean-Paul Marat in his bath-tub during this 18th century European revolution.
  8. This Charlotte probably sings just as well on Sunday mornings as she does during her concerts.
  9. Think fast or this motorized hall of fame located in the Uptown section of Charlotte, North Carolina, will drive right past you.
  10. This NFL team  makes Charlotte North Carolina their home.  They have roared their way to the Super Bowl three times, but have yet to win.

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