Sunday Salon: I Trolled Someone On Facebook And I Liked It.

a lot is two wordsUsually, I make it my policy not to correct people on Facebook, though there are many people who are frankly wrong out there. Except for the occasional stray bit of punctuation, and spelling “a lot” as a single word, I make it my policy to let things slide.  Though many people want to make the world a better place through linking, I believe sites like Facebook should have fun as their goal.

But now and then someone pushes one of my buttons making it very hard to look the other way.

A few weeks ago, someone I know liked a post about the stand off in Oregon between the local sheriff and Ammon Bundy’s followers who were holed up in the visitor center of a national wildlife refuge.  The post was about how some people had taken to writing fan fiction satires featuring romantic plot lines between the men in Bundy’s gang.  I never read any of them, but with the hashtag #BundyEroticFanFic we all get the idea.

So I left a comment calling out the underlying anti-gay bigotry in this sort of thing.  It bugs me when gay people are expected to laugh along with our hipster friends about “those bigots who are all probably gay anyway.”  No one ever implies that someone they admire is in the closet about being gay.  (Oh, those wonderful young men who rescued all those people from that burning church, you just know they’re going to grow up to be gay after they’ve done something so brave.)  I tried to funny about it, wondering why the authors didn’t also make the Bundy Bunch Jewish or trans-sexual, too.

The original poster, who found #BundyEroticFanFic funny, didn’t see the humor in my comment.  He replied back that I was missing the point, that #BundyEroticFanFic’s weren’t homophobic since they were satire, that the Bundy Bunch were probably homophobic anyway so it was fair to call them gay, that you can’t really explain humor, that if you can’t make fun of things like this, then there is no comedy, etc.

Normally, I would have stopped there, but I replied again.  I pretended to understand his comments and to agree with them.  But why not make the Bundy bunch secretly Jewish, too, since they were just as likely to be anti-semetic as they were to be anti-gay.  Why not have them secretly reading the Torah.  And if they are anti-gay they are almost certainly anti-trans, so why not show them cross-dressing or something like that.  Maybe when they look for snacks after having an intimate moment, they could put on women’s robes and complain that they had run out of the good lox.  Wouldn’t that be funny?

While I was having fun, I knew that I was deliberately goading the original poster on, hoping to get a rise in response.  It was kind of exciting.  He did  reply, but I didn’t read it.  I knew I was becoming a troll; I knew I had to stop.  The only way to avoid trolldom was to give someone else the last word, so that’s what I did.

But the temptation was great.  I could really understand why so many people become internet trolls.  It was fun.

Now I’m back to my more typical policy of only correcting grammar mistakes on Facebook once in a great while.  This may not make the world a better place, but it will help with my tiny corner of social media.  People should be nice; people should have correct grammar.

In other news…..

We have this week off! Hurrah!  No real plans for the week, perhaps a trip to Coppola Winery since we have a gift card.  Some work around the house, maybe finally get the doors on the time machine we’re building in the back yard, make a few things in my studio downstairs, read a bunch of books from my TBR shelves.

The dogs do need a bath, so there’s that.  The taxes forms are all in so there’s that to be done, too.  And we need to trim the rose bushes.

But we’re basically footloose and fancy free for the next seven days.

I have three reviews to type up:  a kids book on Noah Webster, a Simenon crime story not about Inspector Maigret and a wonderful little novella by Flauberd called  A Simple Heart.

So, a perfect vacation.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: I Trolled Someone On Facebook And I Liked It.

  1. There are, of course, many reasons why I love you. You are smart, you are funny, you are a true and loyal friend. You are quirky in a totally non-quirky way. Or maybe non-quirky in a totally quirky way – not sure yet which one. And then there is that thing about your truly authentic, no ‘read it in a book and decided to appropriate it’ ability to notice and call out. Calling out people for their behavior is a wonderful way to set records straight (poor choice for THIS issue??? 🙂 ) establish boundaries, and help lots of other people notice what needs to be noticed. So. Again. I adore you. And do let me know when the time machine is done. I am concerned about my wrinkles and want to return to a time when I wasn’t. Love you madly. T

  2. I am compelled to correct bad spelling or punctuation wherever I see it – there was a great book out here a few years ago which – surprisingly – did really well, called Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss, about incorrect punctuation. It’s when I see it on “official” documents, or signs, I get really annoyed. Anyway, have a great vacation – the trip to the Coppola Winery sounds wonderful. Everything does, really, barring the tax forms. And I bet the dogs’ bath will be fun (and messy!) Enjoy!

    1. My wife checked out a nice-looking little book called “One-Woman Farm” from the library. The spine had the correct punctuation, but the huge title on the cover said “One Woman Farm.” Whaaaaaaaaaaat.

      That Lynne Truss book is super duper.

  3. 😉😘👍🏻

    🐒 Joyce Voge Derr🌹 “We’re each given one life, and it is our job to make it useful, beautiful and fulfilling “. S.Jio. OR: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” R. Niebuhr


  4. I appreciate the trials and tribulations of wanting to correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation. It can be infuriating. Which is why I have to ask… are you using two spaces between sentences?! Blasphemy!

  5. Enjoyed the points you made in this post. About punctuation – Lynne Truss also wrote a children’s book about commas. On the left page is an illustration and sentence with incorrect usage. On the right page is the same sentence wi th correct usage. The two illustrations show the difference. A brilliant little book. I do forget the name. Trolling is good fun. Every now and then when bored I go to NRA type sights and type in All guns should be banned and then watch the site explode. Humour me.

    1. I hope no one in the coffee shop is staring at me, because I’m laughing out loud at my computer.

      I enjoyed Eats, Shoots and Leaves, and use her dear John letters with my students. She’s kind of fun, but she’s too prescriptive overall.. While I do follow certain rules, two spaces between sentences for example, I see English as a living language, which means correct usage changes over time.

      Except for a lot being two words and two spaces between sentences, of course. 😉

  6. I did once change someone’s opinion on Facebook, so I live in hope (it was about white poppies, an ex-soldier thought that people wore them specifically to insult soldiers, he really did. I disabused him of that fact. He thanked me, publicly and privately). I have called people out on homophobia / transphobia / sexism before not but tend to step away. Good for you, anyway.

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