Top Ten Favorite Reads of 2015

Happy New Year everyone.  Today we celebrate the new year by putting away the old one.  C.J. and I will be taking down all of the Christmas decorations; no tree this year so it shouldn’t take too long.  We’ll be cleaning up the last of the party detritus, there are still a few platters that have been soaking for days now.  And I will finally grade the last two stacks of papers from the fall semester.

After which the new year can begin.

In the meantime, I have my final selections for my top ten favorite reads in 2015.  I was going to do one of those statistical breakdowns of my reading this year, a real one not a comic one, because I’m a bit interested to see what the results would be.  But, instead I watched Making a Murderer on Netflix and read a bunch of books from the library.  So I just have a list of books this time around.  Maybe I’ll set up a spread sheet for 2016 so I can do the statistics next year.

Here in alphabetical order are my top favorite reads of 2015.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Reads of 2015

  1. Happy New Year – and happy TBR Dare! I am already regretting that I didn’t put more library books on hold last night, but I got sleepy & went to bed instead. Oh well, they’ll keep!

  2. Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by to visit my Top 10 post on my blog – I’ve added this one to my feedly feed now. Those Elena Ferrantes keep being shoved into my field of vision, yet I’m still not sure … Happy reading for 2016 anyway!

    1. You can just read the first Ferrante. It does stand alone as a novel, The second one really ends on a cliff hanger. I’ll be reading book three very soon.

  3. I’m pretty keen to read The Incredible Journey after reading your review. I wasn’t paying attention when you reread Pride and Prejudice. I reread Emma this year and found a similar problem once everything is aligned correctly: Emma and Mr Knightly become very dull all of a sudden.

    PS – The Beach of Falsea link goes to another book.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about The Beach of Falesa. I’ve fixed the link. I do hope I can get ore people to read The Incredible Journey. It’s a terrific little book.

  5. I hope to be one of “those” people next year. The Days of Abandonment will be on my top read of the year (when I get around to posting) and the Neapolitan novels are next!

  6. I have As I Lay Dying on the shelves. I didn’t know it was funny. The title sounds quite sober. I do need to read Faulkner. I also have the book Fates and Furies. Hope to get to this year. I would love to reread Incredible Journey. Would love to see the original film of that again too. Forget date, 60’s I believe. Hope you got those papers graded so you can enjoy what’s left of your holiday.☺

    1. Faulkner is very funny, but in his own kind of way. It’s a dark humor that won’t appeal to everyone. I love him, though. I saw the original Disney movie as a kid. It was one of my favorites for many years. I’d like to see it again, too. I’ve a feeling the stack of grading will remain in the “To be done” category today. I usually have a major grading rush on the last day of winter break.

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