Sunday Salon: Not Going to Talk About it Today. Focusing on Books and Cats Instead. Denial Can Be a Useful Tool.

I’m not going to talk about it today.  Maybe in a couple of weeks, but just not today.  Today I’m going to focus on books and cats.  For me, book blogging is a refuge from the real world when I need a refuge.

Today, I could use a little refuge.

I’ve been trying to participate in German Literature Month this week.  I did post one review, a double challenge post of Berlin Now which also counted towards Non-Fiction November.  I finished one book, Come, Sweet Death by Wolf Haas but I didn’t really liked it.  It’s the second in a detective series, the first of which I really loved.  But this time around the gimmicks I enjoyed in the first book, just struck me as gimmicks.

I started The Search for Christa T. by Christa Wolf who I have enjoyed in the past.  But this time around the story just didn’t seem to get started.  It’s a woman telling the story of her lifelong friend, which is a device that works very well, see Elena Ferrante and many other examples, but I just was not having it.  So I gave up after 30 or so pages.

wpid-img_20151115_070832.jpgSo, so much for German Literature Month, at least for now.  (I plan on trying one more time before the end of the month.)  I’ve moved on to a very entertaining book about Dante called Reading Dante: From Here to Eternity by Prue Shaw.  I figure there’s no way I’m ever going to read Dante, so why not let an expert critique do the hard work for me.  I’m enjoying all the Medieval Italian history and loving the  excerpts from Dante’s work.  The Inferno really is one of the best books I’ve never read.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about having jury duty and not having anything to read because the one book I brought with me turned out to be a dud.  So yesterday I made a little box from foam core board that I covered and filled it with a small emergency library that I can keep in the trunk of my car just in case I ever need something to read.  I only put books in it that I was tempted to set aside and start reading.  So if I’m ever stuck anywhere, I won’t be stuck without a book.

The kittens we found in the alley behind our house last month are doing well.  We’ve named them Bonnie and Clyde so there’s a very good chance we’ll end up keeping them. Especially if Beau does not come back.  Beau, the cat pictured in my current avatar above, ran off last week.  We’ve no idea how he got out of the house, but get out he did.  The cat people I know all say there’s a very good chance he’ll come back, but if we don’t see him again, Bonnie and Clyde are already here to fill the bill.

wpid-img_20151111_101223.jpgFor the record, Beau seemed to enjoy the kittens.  He took care of them, cleaned them, guarded them watchfully if the dogs were in the room.  He even let them eat first at dinner time.

Wherever he is, we hope he is fine.

It’s raining, really raining this morning which is quite welcome here in California, so I’ll most likely spend the day indoors.  Working on some sort of project in my studio and reading Reading Dante.  Tomorrow, I’m taking a class at the Center for the Book with a colleague from school on foil stamping which should be fun.  I may  even take my new book box in at add a few decorative touches.

And, I’m hoping to finally get to work on the TBR Dare later this week.  I’ve a feeling that this might be the final year for the TBR Dare, though I think I said that last year, too.  I’ve noticed a few folks running very similar challenges, though not so extreme as mine, which is kind of nice really.  Maybe Dakota and I inspired something; who knows.

Meanwhile, the cats are constantly wresting each other which would be kind of annoying if it weren’t so gosh darn cute.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Not Going to Talk About it Today. Focusing on Books and Cats Instead. Denial Can Be a Useful Tool.

  1. I like your book box. I would participate in the Dare one more time. I’ve been on a library spate lately, checking out more than I can read in the allotted time. The Dare would get me back to my own shelves!

    1. I’m going to work up a button and get the page ready to go over Thanksgiving break. The Final TBR Double Dog Dare!!! You’re last chance to prove your bravery!!! Something like that.

  2. I love your emergency book box, and the thought of decorating it with some foil stamps. That seems like a very bookish thing to do.

    The kitties are darling. I had a stray, outdoor kitty who disappeared, and I was heartsick for a while. Then, I discovered smart, stray kitty had wormed herself into a household down the street, and was busy being adored by two children who’d given her a name and more catnip toys than any cat should have. Beau may come back, but, if not, may he have found such a home!

  3. Everyone who has tried Christa T this #germanlitmonth has had problems. Perhaps I did a wise thing in not reading Christa T (because I knew others would try it). I enjoyed the two by Wolf that I did read and review.

    I have the Wolf Haas on my TBR but if it’s #2 in a series, I should perhaps start with #1. What’s it called?

    1. I loved her book about Cassandra and have enjoyed the short stories I’ve read. This one, just didn’t do it. I think you have to really know your East German history to appreciate it. The Wolf Haas I liked most was The Bone Man. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. Very dark noir.

  4. I knew someone whose cat left for reasons known only to itself. They found him a week later at the local shelter. Those kittens are adorable!

  5. I am sorry to hear that Beau escaped. Cats don’t always know how well off they are. If he came from a shelter, he may have a chip? and if so, that may help get him home.

    Your box is gorgeous! I’d have a hard time deciding what to leave in there, though.

    1. He does have a chip, so we’re hoping he’ll end up back with us. When you have nearly 300 books in your TBR stack, it’s not so hard to choose a few for an emergency box.

  6. The box is a great idea. I have a travel book on my Kindle app on the smart phone. So whenever in waiting rooms or in a place waiting for someone I continue reading the travel adventure. I don’t read it at any other time. Works well bc I always remember what happened previously. Love the idea of saying I won’t think about what happened today that was bad for a couple of weeks and not talk about it until then. I might have to do that to keep my sanity when evil things happen. Sorry about Beau, hope he comes back. I wish good things for him. Cats are amazing survivors.

  7. Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear about Beau. I hope he turns up soon. But I’m glad you have little Bonnie and Clyde there to cheer you up. They look so sweet!

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