Sunday Salon: Someday, I’ll Type Again

It’s been a week since my last post here.  I’m still recovering from the fall I took two weeks ago.


Because there is still pain in my left hand when I type for more than a few minutes, I’ve not had a post here in a week.  I have been reading, quite a bit.

If got three novellas in the Art of the Novella series waiting for reviews along with the second book in the Neapolitan series, The Story of a New Namewhich was wonderful by the way.  I really admire a novelist who is so good at plotting her novel that she can give the reader a jaw-dropping twist in the last two words of her book.  That was pretty darn good.

I hope to start posting again tomorrow or Tuesday.  I need to get to work on the TBR Double Dog Dare if there’s going to be one this year.  I think I still have some unpublished photos of Dakota I can use, or I may switch over to Beau the cat, though that could cause some confusion.

The kittens are doing fine.  Racing around the house, wrestling each other and just being darn cute and darn smelly as only kittens can.  Kittens smell really bad, you know.  It’s true.  We have quite a few friends and family who say they want one, but I think they’ll find a more permanent home through the Friends of Animals group when the time comes.

I’m enjoying them, but I’ll be glad to get all of my house back.

And to get full use off my left hand back.

That’s all the typing for today, I think.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Someday, I’ll Type Again

  1. I just got done marking everything older than a week as read in my feed reader, so I missed your fall. Sounds terrible, though! I hope you’re feeling more complete very soon. I’m sure it’s frustrating to not be able to have full use of your hand.

    Hmmmm–a little photoshop could help those kittens look like pups? I’m imagining them with Dakota’s years–or maybe I have too much Frankenstein on the mind. 😉

    Feel better.

  2. I don’t know. Beau looks as though he might be able to channel his inner dog and do just fine. Sorry about the hand. That sort of nagging injury can be a pain in multiple ways. I tend to do in ankles and shoulders. I’d hate to not be able to type. I hope it improves quickly.

  3. I agree with Katherine about the cat mascot, but I can’t think of any dare names with cats 🙂 And I thought you were keeping one of the kittens?

    I was thinking about the Dare today, as I looked at my (always) overflowing TBR shelves. I’m thinking of daring myself not to buy any books in November. And then I think, is there any point to that, really?

    I’m glad that you’re feeling better, though not 100% yet.

  4. So sorry to hear that you are still suffering from the fall. I hope you get better quickly.

    I can’t believe kittens smell bad – how can balls of cuteness possibly have any flaws?!

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