This Season Give the Gift of the TBR Double Dog Dare!

tbr dare 2014Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for your book-loving friends and loved ones?

Want to give something special to a partner overwhelmed by the piles of books you have stacked around your apartment?

Has your mother been threatening to leave your books at the curb if you don’t find somewhere to put them all?

The TBR Double Dog Dare is for you!

Sign yourself up and spend the first three months of 2015 watching those stacks and stacks of unread books dwindle to a size reasonable enough for any bookcase.  Won’t your partner be suprised when he finally sees just how shiny those end tables really are?  And won’t your mother be pleased when she finally gets to set her coffee cup down on one of those coasters your great aunt gave you after her trip to Italy instead of on a stack of old paperbacks?

While you can’t actually sign your friends up for the TBR Double Dog Dare you can drop a subtle hint by including a link in a last minute Christmas email greeting.  Whether you use or American Greetings, including a link to the TBR Double Dog Dare is just the thing to make your greeting memorable.  And what book lover doesn’t want a way to reduce their TBR stack?  I know I do.

Act today.  There’s not much time left before Christmas and only a week left before the TBR Double Dog Dare begins.

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving for three months.



5 thoughts on “This Season Give the Gift of the TBR Double Dog Dare!

  1. I am fully committed to doing this. You can add another scenario. “Your husband is threatening to load up your books and take them to the county dump!

  2. While I love the idea of this challenge, I know myself too well…it won’t happen. Fortunately I have a Little Library just outside my door that incessantly needs feeding.

  3. This did make me LOL! I live alone – but the TBR stacks are getting too much even for me, so I guess it’s a gift I’m giving myself – and probably the local library friends’ sale.

  4. My obsession with acquiring books is truly out of control. I am so looking forward to Jan 1 and stopping cold turkey buying books. I am getting excited about clearing some shelves with my own books getting read. I got such a laugh out of your post. A good gift indeed. Wish us all luck!

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