Spam of the Week: Do You Need A Book On Toilet Training Your Child?

This piece of spam did not make it past WordPress’s filters, thankfully.  I think  it makes for a wonderfully strange found poem.

This was a reply to my review of Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami.


You can’t use that for training

because toilet training age

He didn’t go potty yet.

Don’t for him.

Going to the same routine religiously.


Sarah wrote me from Austin Texas, to say, the books remain wildly popular

as does the Harry Potter books for the screen.

There are many benefits to


having a wooden potty

is just one way

to do that is done

and over with,


the like.


There was a link to a YouTube video posted by a woman called “Mommy Knows” who makes a little speech/product endorsement for a book about toilet training.  She found the book to be the perfect solution to toilet training her young daughter.

Does this topic really require a book?  (One wonders how many chapters it would have and what sort of topics would be listed in the index.)  Couldn’t you tell parents all they need to know about toilet training in a detailed pamphlet or just ask your mother?  I imagine most grandmothers would be happy to give advice on this topic.

If you’re wondering, and why wouldn’t you be, there are lots of videos about toilet training on YouTube.

I was surprised.