Spam of the Week

Since I made the move to WordPress. I find myself dealing with many more spam comments than I faced at Blogger.  To their credit, WordPress has not allowed any spam to make it all the way through to publication.  It’s filed away for me to double check, just in case some of it is not really spam.  It’s all been spam so far.

I’m taking it as a sign of progress here at James Reads Books that the quality of the spam I am getting is improving.  Some of it approaches parody, some of it poetry.  So, I thought it might be fun to feature a piece of spam now and then.  This one came in from “Want My Ex Back.”  Been there, friend.  My advice, for what it’s worth, know when to move on and don’t look back.

Here’s this weeks Spam of the Week.

A woman is waiting

For a long time now,

men have been viewed as a serious commitment

between two people that understand each other.


The league agreed to pay the fees of the credit check.

I can reveal to Mary much more concerning the information off your connection,

whether it is quite the handy man.

I can’t help but wonder if someone is paid to write this stuff.

2 thoughts on “Spam of the Week

  1. A year or two ago, another blogger and I tried our hand at putting together all our spam as if it were lines of poetry. Yours is shorter, but just as good.

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