The TBR Dare Ends Today: Congratulations to all the survivors

tbr dareThe TBR Tripled Dog Dare ends today and I must say I am so glad.

It’s been really difficult sticking to it this past month.  In past years–and this year, too–the first two months of the TBR Dare have been lots of fun.  I have a substantial TBR stack, so choosing books from it can almost feel like visiting a very small bookstore, one with only books I like.

But the last month can be a challenge.

I have a hard time going more than two weeks without visiting a bookstore.  Bookstores are my crack.  C.J. would laugh at both of those sentences. He’d probably tell you that I can’t go a full week without a visit to a bookstore somewhere.  So, I do have a small pile of new books, a new TBR stack, that has been waiting for today.  I plan on starting with S.

But, even with my growing stack of new TBR books, I stuck to the TBR Dare.  I can’t say that I cleared a shelf this time around, not when I look at my little stack of new books, but I did read a bunch of books I’ve owned for a very long time.  And I found quite a few that I really enjoyed.

If you participated in all or part of the TBR Triple Dog Dare please let us know how you did in a comment below.

I hope you had fun.

19 thoughts on “The TBR Dare Ends Today: Congratulations to all the survivors

  1. I made it – and I’m glad, both that I did it and that it is now over. It was a most interesting experience and thank you for your encouragement. I’d probably have given in before now and read some ‘new’ books without it!

  2. I am with Margaret. Glad I did it… all the way to the end. Glad it is over, I have a couple of new books I want to get into soon. It was definitely a good experience for me.

    1. Excellent, Tracy, Enjoy the ‘new’ books. I’ve already started a small stack of very short new books that I’ve been waiting months now to get to.

  3. Well, like I said. We decided to go house hunting and found one so the last few weeks have been consumed with that. Still is. So my reading has been sporadic at best. I did knock out a few Discworld books from Sir Terry Pratchett but despite my best efforts, am still only halfway through the one I’m on now so didn’t finish it by March 31. The good news was, I haven’t been even slightly tempted to buy any books because I’ve been too busy to even notice what’s coming out. I’m sure as soon as I finish the Pratchett (and we close on the house!) I’ll find a ton…

    Thanks once again for the dare!

  4. I kind of made it, I don’t count the audiobooks because I just get them to accompany my knitting, everything else has been from the pile, but it has lacked inspiration I feel, I need a really good book.

    1. Isn’t it interesting to see how many books we’ve been keeping around for years that we really don’ t want to read anymore. I’m going to be going through my TBR stack later this year and will probably have a full back to donate to the library by the time I’m done.

      BTW, I say you made it! 😉

  5. I survived! Focusing on books from my own shelves was a great way to start the year. Among the books I read were two that I’ve been wanting to read for years: The Count of Monte Cristo and The Woman in White. Overall, I read 10 books (2 were review copies and one was a new book about local birds). I DID buy books during this time and now will focus on reading them for the rest of the year. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Love the new blog.

    1. You’re welcome and thank you. While this year it was harder for me to stay with it all three months, I do like starting the year with my own books.

  6. I haven’t had time to post about it, but I survived – and really, this was the best year yet. There were only a couple of times I was tempted to cheat, once when I was really disappointed about a book I’d been looking forward to. I did buy some books, but not as many as usual. Thank you again for challenging us. I hope we get another round in 2015 – though I don’t know which dare would come next.

    1. I’m glad to hear you had a good time with it this year. I’m not sure what I’ll do next year. My goal was to retire the dare after this year, but we’ll see. I may just start it over since I’m on this new blog.

  7. I survived! I read 24 books of my shelves, plus I reread 3 book from my shelves that I haven’t read in year. This is the first time I made it all the way to April — I’m very excited and I have cleared out all the books in boxes and fit them on shelves. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I made it through, but did not read very many books- I have just not been reading much at all lately. It was nice to get through some of the TBR stuff. Are you reconsidering hosting it again next year? This is the only “challenge” I ever participate in any more.

  9. I used the TBR Dare mostly as a way to keep my reading plate clear so that I could make progress on a long nonfiction book that I borrowed from a friend. I am less than 100 pages away from finishing it, and I don’t think I ever would have finished it if I was checking out library books at the same time. I did read three of my own books too, and I think I will do a better job of reading my own books this year and not always letting the library books take over.

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