Sunday Salon: Where, Oh Where, Has My Gravatar Gone?

While  starting a new blog after seven years at Ready When You Are, C.B. has renewed my interest in book blogging, there have been a few difficulties.

One is my gravatar, that little picture that accompanies comments I leave on other people’s blogs.  Years ago, probably five or six, I figured out how to set up a gravatar and set one up with a picture of me and Dakota.  And all was well.

Then I switched from an ordinary laptop to a Chromebook, had to set up a Google account and somehow managed to end up with three Google accounts, one just for work, which I wanted to keep separate from my private life, and two others, each with their own gravatars.  Signing up for Facebook and then Twitter somehow left me with a forth one.

So, now when I comment on other people’s blogs I have to be very careful to switch everything to JamesReadsBooks.  Otherwise I end being C.B. James sometimes, James B Chester other times and JamesReadsBooks once in a while.  I think last week I even commented as ‘anonymous’  which is kind of creepy but I’m not sure due to comment moderation.

What I want to have is just  one gravatar attached to this website, so that all comments left anywhere can be linked to  But I have no idea where the gravatars all are, what websites are they on, or how I can change them.  So, this will be my project for mid-winter break, I guess, hunting down my old gravatars and killing them all off.

It’ a total first world problem, I know, but don’t judge me, though it sounds like something that might make for a good clue in a comic mystery novel.

“Once we determine which gravatar really belonged to the professor,  Smythe, then we’ll have our killer!”